About us

Ásbrú íbúðir ehf. og Ásbrú fasteignir ehf. are companies located at Flugvallarbraut 752, 262 Ásbrú.


These companies own and rent out everything from 30 square meter studio apartments to 170 square meter apartment along with office spaces and commercial premises for all kind of use.

If you have any questions, send us email to leiga@235.is


1) Rent - applications

Everyone can apply for apartment.

With the application must be accompanied by criminal record and information from Credit info. Ásbrú íbúðir ehf. reserve the right to reject the application if applicant has a history with Credit info.

You can apply for a credit rating from Credit info here:    


You can get criminal record from Sýslumaður:


2) Housing allocation

When we have approved your application, we contact the applicant and invite him to look at the apartment, the applicant has 24 hours to contact us and confirm whether he will rent the property or not. If the applicant doesn't contact us before 24 hours has passed, then we assume that applicant is not going to rent the apartment and we assign the apartment to another applicant.

The cost that the applicant has to pay when collecting documents, will not be refunded by Ásbrú íbúðir ehf.

3) Rental fee and administrative fee

Only a temporary lease for 12 months is made. The tenant may, upon the agreed lease term, renew the lease if he so requests. If the tenant owes a rent or doesn't stand by his part of the lease agreement or Art. provisions of rent law no. 36/1994, then he cannot receive an extension of the lease.

At the beginning of each lease, the tenant pays a administrative fee of ISK 20.000. Included in the administration fee is:

·         Evaluation upon delivery of the apartment at the beginning and end of lease

·         Work in rental documentation

·         Checking the electricity meter at the beginning and end of lease

The administrative fee is non refundable

4) Payment terms

Ásbrú íbúðir ehf. demand that all tenant submit a deposit for fulfillment of the lease agreement, i.e. for lease payments and damages which the tenant is responsible for according to Art. provisions of rent law no. 36/1994 or general laws. Deposit of three months rent is required.

Rent shall always be paid on the firs of each month.

5) Termination before the lease date has come to an end / continuing rent

The lease terminates on the agreed date without any special cancellation or notice by the parties. A temporary contract will not be terminated however, there is a provision in the lease agreement which stipulates that if the landlord receives a written complaint from a neighbour or other residents of the property due to noise or other kind of discomfort, landlord may terminate the lease agreement.

If the tenant wishes to renew his lease, he shall notify the landlord in writing and at least three months before the lease expires. If the landlord considers that the tenant does not meet the conditions for continued lease for any reason that is listed in the second paragraph Article 51 rent law no. 3/1994, then the landlord will, within 14 days of receipt of an application for renewal, will make the tenant in writing and tell him the reason for their views about the refusal.

6) Audits of residential rental return

When the tenant returns the premises, he must return it in a comparable condition as it was in the beginning of the lease. Walls must be freshly painted and without any nail, the apartment must be returned in such a condition that it is ready for the next tenant.

The tenant must take the lease agreement to Sýslumaður to removed it from their registration (If the lease has been registered) in the end of the lease agreement. If the contract is not removed from Sýslumaðurs registration, it will delay returning of the deposit to the tenant. The tenant also needs to domicile of the property

7) The tenant‘s maintenance obligations and Ásbrú Íbúðir ehf. (landlord)

The tenant is obliged to treat the rented premises well and to respect them.

If the rented premises will be damaged by the tenant, or other persons permitted by the tenant to use the leased premises, the tenant shall repair that is damaged as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, the tenant neglects these obligations, the landlord will repair the damage, at the expense of the tenant, but the landlord shall however, give the tenant enough time to complete the repair.

The landlord shall take care of the repair of windows, electronic equipment, sanitary ware and other things that accompany the premises if the tenant shows that the damages is not caused by the tenant or other persons permitted by the tenant to use the leased premises. The landlord shall take care of the courtyard if it needs mowing the yard. The tenant is obliged to take care of his own maintenance of locks, water taps, electrical cables and other small items. The tenant must also keep the apartment's paint. The landlord shall always keep the rented premises in a rentable condition.

8) On top of the rental price is operation cost, Included in that cost is:

·         - General waste collection (Household waste, NOT furnitures etc.)

·         Heating by the tenants apartment

·         Heating and electricity of common areas

·         Pears in common areas

·         Mowing the yard

·         Cleaning part of common areas